e2e Connect was formed by a small group of Tallahassee entrepreneurs who believe in collaboration over competition. The idea is simple; recognize the accomplishments, publicize the grit, acknowledge the determination and celebrate the courage of those who live the American Dream by starting their own business.

The Hotel Duval
A special thanks to the organizers and the Board of Directors to bring the Dandi's Awards to the Hotel Duval on October 6, 2011.

That's why we are e2e Connect - Entrepreneur to Entrepreneur - a resource for entrepreneurs to learn, share and connect. Our goal is to make it easier for start-up companies to find and connect with vital resources and contacts. That’s it. No hidden agendas. We’ve been there – we were helped – we get it.

In that spirit, e2e Connect will debut with a not-your-daddy’s award ceremony, spotlighting outstanding local entrepreneurs, as well as our community leaders and supporters in celebration of the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Nominees (and guests) are invited for an evening of signature cocktails and entertainment that winds up with the Dandi Awards ceremony. Bask in your recognition and schmooze with your collaborators and supporters. Come on, take ONE night off and celebrate our appreciation!


Who Should Participate with e2e Connect?

Being an effective entrepreneur requires good information. In today's world, that means a source for news, opinion and articles. We plan to focus on a variety of topics from business development to professional development as well as links to the organizations and individuals locally who are here to help develop your potential. Our news will be from local, regional and national sources. And we welcome personal news stories, blogs and other comments. E2e Connect, then, is an important resource for:

Click on the above image to view highlights from the Dandies awards. Enjoy!

- New entrepreneurs
- Those contemplating becoming a new entrepreneur
- Business owners who can benefit from consulting with experienced business owners –
  “this ‘aint their first rodeo”

- Start-ups in need of one stop business resources
- Collaborators who want to make their services and information easily accessible, become a resource, and give you a big hand!
-Sponsors who want to make it easier for you to become successful and earn your long-term loyalty as your company grows
- Those of us who recognize the grit, creativity and determination it takes to create something from nothing and are willing to support others as a mentor and business resource.


The 2011 Dandi Award Winners

Congratulations to Our Dandi Award Winners!

Joel Scilley, Audiowood

Mignon Lawson Emenike MD, The Wellness Center by Dr. Mignon

James and Shannon Caldwell, The Canopy of Technology

Arthur T. Aveling, Magic Whiteboard Products

Rising Star
Jean Bates, Lucy & Leo's Cupcakery

Donna Smithey, In Tents Events

Donda Combs, Applied Appreciation

Thanks to all of our nominees!

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