About e2e Connect

e2e Connect has been organized for the charitable and educational purposes of recognizing the spirit of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial leadership, and to provide educational, networking and recognition opportunities for entrepreneurs, business owners and community collaborators who support their endeavors---YOU!

Our objective is to provide a hands-on approach to helping each other become successful business owners. Our strength lies in our ability to facilitate and coordinate collaboration among the individuals who are working to grow their businesses, partner with someone else in his/her business, or find a job with a budding new business. We’re here to help. Whether it’s connecting people for collaborations, refining business ideas or simply supporting each other, e2e Connect is a dynamic resource for any entrepreneur.

The organization is a collaborative effort that includes:

Deanna Mims, President of MarketDone/TEN

Laura Reeves, Founder & CEO of Common Sense Practice, LLC

Dr. Jonathan Adams, Associate Professor of FSU; Senior Instructional Designer of The Distance Institute


At large board members include: 

Tony Carvajal, of Carvajal Consulting & Management

LaTanya White, MBA, Owner of Concept Cocktail Experience, Owner of 71 Proof LLC

Crystal Green, Owner of Your Social Butterfly

John Chason, Managing Director at Metrix Ventures LLC

Meet the Board of Directors

Why the Dandelion?

Dandelions are especially well-adapted to a modern world of "disturbed habitats," such as lawns and sunny, open places. When disturbed, dandelions spread further and are more difficult to exterminate.  They grow under more adverse circumstances than most competitors, in fact, the more you try to weed them out, the faster they grow!

Much like the entrepreneurial spirit, the dandelion is a tough plant, able to grow in places that challenge lesser vegetation, with the ability to spread virally across the landscape when unleashed. In short, the enduring, intrepid and tenacious dandelion is the patron flower of the entrepreneur.

That is why our e2e connect awards are known as the 'Dandis,' after the dandelion, champion of entrepreneurs everywhere!