Award Categories

Accidental - The accidental entrepreneur has no plans to start her own business, but instead "falls" into it. She has an exciting idea she begins to work on and before she realizes it - she's in business! Although she didn't follow the business school prescribed path and plan every facet out, the business grows organically as she puts one piece in place after another and soon she is moving through the business cycle with great success. This entrepreneur gains mastery and excitement and becomes a true entrepreneur even though she never planned on it!

Compassionate - The compassionate entrepreneur begins his business as a means to help others. He is not consciously starting a business to become financially successful but it becomes a happy result of the growth of his good works. Because an unmet need in the community and for humankind is being served, this entrepreneur gains recognition, collaborates with those who were just waiting for his type of services and realizes both personal and professional satisfaction. His business is helping his neighbors and was born from his compassionate heart.

Confident - The confident entrepreneur moves forward with ideas, services, creating new products with grace and ease and never doubts her abilities or that she will be a success. She is assured that whatever she sets her hand to will prosper - after all, school was a breeze and she is charmed in life and in business dealings. She seems to make money easily, find time for leisure, family and travel and does it all with a smile and few signs of stress. This entrepreneur exudes capability, predictability and integrity, travels in influential circles and could easily choose from one of many paths and ventures, all of which would be assured to be a success. She will not allow herself to fail and is often not beleaguered by the doubts and fears that plague many new entrepreneurs - or has mastered the oft-repeated business advice of "fake it till you make it" with aplomb.

Reluctant- The reluctant entrepreneur starts his business dragging his feet somewhat. Perhaps he inherits a business from a family member or sees a niche that needs to be filled and could do easily with his skills and background but is not sure if he's the one to do it. Maybe he had no previous desire to direct others, happy to work behind the scenes. In any event, seeing what needs to be done he puts one foot before the other with a goal in mind and acquires the necessary business skills and networking acumen along the way. Imagine his surprise when he falls in love with being an entrepreneur and his business takes off!

Renegade- The renegade entrepreneur most always goes against the grain of conventional wisdom and sees life and business approaches from a very different and decidedly distinctive point of view. This sometimes upside-down approach allows a fresh perspective and an innovative way of building her unique product offerings, offering enlightened customer service practices and seeking previously untried collaborations that create new paradigms in the marketplace. In spite of, or maybe because of, this renegade approach, she charts new paths and produces a maverick vision that others might well end up emulating. 

Rising Star - The rising star entrepreneur begins with a great idea and paths a deliberate and steady ascent into business greatness from perhaps basic beginnings, making something out of nothing. He may have started with little capital or negligible business skills but is so determined to succeed that the project is now a way of life. Perhaps he is left brained, or learns to adopt some linear practices and accomplishes growth from a check-listed approach. Uncovering every resource and leveraging any asset to grow and expand his business, he strides forward daily with excellence and that extra 10% in organization, consistency and output. No obstacles will stand in the way of achieving his goals.

Serial- The serial entrepreneur can't help herself - she has to start another business! New business ideas come fast and furious and she puts these ideas in play as fast as she is able, generally in parallel with other ventures in various stages of development. This entrepreneur is always on the lookout for opportunities, unmet needs, a better way to make a mousetrap and is unafraid to reach out to possible funders and investors and influencers. She is never satisfied with the status quo and will put her boundless energies into making her next big idea a reality and there may a place for you in one of her many ventures if you can keep up!

Transcendent -The transcendent entrepreneur has created a business that can potentially change the world. With a 40,000 foot focus, he has crafted a concept to serve a need, and his way of doing business is kind, uplifting, affirming and irresistible. With a great energy and knowing no boundaries and no one he can't call friend, he has put his heart, soul and probably his credit card equity into his business because he cannot do otherwise. A friend to social service non-profits, he is a volunteer on his own time and knows the needs of the underserved population in his community, state and perhaps the world by heart. Primarily driven by his values, he will work tirelessly to make a difference and do the right thing and his business is created from that vision.