The Dandi Awards!

The 2011 Dandi Awards is a new recognition ceremony to hit the business community of Tallahassee.

Put on by the company of E2E connect (entrepreneur 2 entrepreneur, Connect, Learn Share) the Dandi Awards are here to spotlight the many small businesses in Tallahassee, as well as entrepreneurs that are in start-up phase.

Our patron saint, the dandelion, was chosen to represent the name as it is considered a thriver and survivor, much like the entrepreneur.  Though many see it as a weed, the dandelion can survive in almost any environment, flourishing in dry climates, break through the cracks in concrete sidewalks and spreading over lawns, often with little rain or even sunshine. They pop up in new places, their seeds carried on the wind.

The criteria for winning a 2011 Dandi Award is collaboration, giving back to your community, mentoring or allowing yourself to be mentored – basically giving back to others as you build your business. The award categories celebrate the hearty innovators that are small independent businesses.  Categorized by eight archetypical entrepreneurial styles, the winners in the chosen categories exemplify the different paths we take to get to entrepreneurship. Including the Accidental, Compassionate, Confident, Reluctant Rising Star, Renegade, Serial and Transcendent entrepreneurs, there is bound to be a category that shows the strength of any entrepreneur in the city.

The Dandi Awards also allows for further networking with our generous sponsors and collaborators who will be available to you the evening of the event, and your bags full of their resource information!

Our amazing sponsors include: 

  • Karen Cooley
  • Amy Keys of Graphic Sidekick
  • Brien Sorne of Alcom Marketing and Advertising Inc.
  • Jackie Madsden of Graphic Press
  • Phil Gleason of Master Craftsmen Studio –FSU
  • Brien Smauch of Pinnacle Massage Therapy,
  • Adam Watson of Watson and Associates
  • Catherine Kunst of Leon County Reseach and Development (Innovation Park)
  • Howard Libin of Adventures in Advertising
  • Russ Backes of Photo Fun Booth
  • James Tillman of TalTech Alliance
  • Donna Kounch of Natural Awakenings Magazine
  • Dr. Jerry Osteryoung
  • Ron and Janie Frazier, Mark Raciappa of ActionCOACH
  • Steve and Linda Evans
  • Joy Bradley of Florida Commerce Credit Union
  • Jeanie Booth of The Tallahassee Democrat
  • Sam Varn of Awards4U
  • Tracey Cohen of Target  Copy
  • Pam Bauer of Hotel  Duval
  • Jim Wacksman of Association  Studios
  • Everitt Drew of Southgroup  Apartments
  • Entrepreneurial  Excellence Program (EEP)

 Collaborators – those in our community, who have valuable resources for our small businesses, include: 

  • The Asian Coalition of Tallahassee
  • The Council on Culture and Arts (COCA)
  • Entrepreneurial Excellence Program (EEP)
  • Jim Moran Institute for Global Entrepreneurship (JMI)
  • The Knight Creative Communities Institute (KCCI)
  • Tallahassee/Leon County Economic Development Council (EDC)
  • Leon County Research and Development Authority (Innovation Park)
  • LGBT Business Partners Group
  • Silicon Tally
  • Small Business Development Center (SBDC)
  • TEN (Tallahassee Entrepreneurs Network)
  • Workforce Plus
  • The Works Co- Working Space

Please join us on October 6th at Hotel Duval at 6:30 pm for live entertainment, signature cocktails, heavy appetizers, surprises and fun, and the unveiling of the winners and runners up.

We promise - it will be a time that you will never forget!