The Day I Unplugged...

By Laura L. Reeves, CCP

Founder & CEO

Common Sense Practice, LLC


When the total number of emails in my inbox reached 70,000, I shut down.  I mean that both literally and figuratively.  I know, I know---I should have deleted, sorted, filed, etc. all those emails away but somehow I never got around to doing it. 

Why is it that the most mundane and tedious of tasks always bite us in the butt?  What is it about the daily discipline of the menial that makes us balk?  

One of my many incarnations as an entrepreneur was as the owner of a cleaning business.  I cleaned residences, apartment move-outs, and construction clean-up.  It was physically demanding and exhausting work.  The interesting thing was that the physical monotony of the work freed my mind to be creative in the most unusual ways. 

At the time I was journaling like crazy.  I look back at those journals now and they are full of deeply spiritual insights, poetry, and brilliance.  Yeah, I said brilliance…. 

Brilliance in a way I have to struggle to reach today.  My work today is mentally exhausting but emotionally fulfilling in a way that I could only dream of 20 years ago.  The work experience I’ve gained, the advances in technology, and the support of my family and friends have made a huge difference in the way I work now. 

Is this a difference that’s better or worse?  It’s hard to say.  However, I have found that when I’m overwhelmed with work now, I have a sure-fire solution to free my mind and juice my creative mojo.  

I stop the mental gymnastics and do something physical—gardening, cleaning (yeah, crazy, huh?!), cooking, dancing, playing with the puppies….something that focuses my mind on the physical aspects of life.  

Touching, smelling, tasting, listening. Animating the physical delivers the mind and soul from prison. And I don’t use that word lightly. When we squish ourselves into little penal cubbies outlined by others, we have consented to the wishes of our jailors.  

Wriggling loose from the confines of others’ expectations, we can be free in a way no one can control.  Your own dreams and ideas, my own aspirations and fancies, all are possible at this point. 

Ever notice how small children will walk through a fabric or clothing store and touch every item they can reach?  They are processing their world through their senses. Then off they go to play with joy and abandon. 

That is what I want. 

So now I am deleting, archiving, and sorting a ton of emails.  Each deletion a step toward freedom and inspiration.  Only 69,999 more to go….