Event Participation…Doing Your Part To Make Big Profits

by Crystal Green

As busy entrepreneurs, it’s hard to schedule enough time to eat a decent meal and tell your loved ones hello and goodbye let alone participate in non-work related functions. However, one of the most important slivers of time you carve out of your schedule should be making time to participate in your local events. Not only will your participation give you a sense of community and good will, but if you play your cards properly, you can see big payoffs in the end.

Attend Small Events

Make time at least once a month to be the guest when you’re invited to a special event. If you’re strapped for time, there’s no need of attempting to squeeze blood from a turnip. Don’t agree to attend weekly events if you know your schedule will not allow it. Instead, only RSVP “yes” to those events where you know that you will get the best bang for your buck. This may be an event where there are a lot of your potential target clients or a chance for you to get your voice heard. Sometimes just attending an event will provide you with insight to something new that’s going on within the community that could be very worthwhile to your business.

Participate In Large Events

Get involved in large events. Don’t shy away from big opportunities by only serving as an attendee to large conferences, trade shows or charity functions. Sometimes you’ll find that being the little fish in a big pond will draw more attention your uniqueness where the bigger fish may seem standoffish and unapproachable. You don’t have to be an event sponsor to participate in a lot of events. Simply reserving a table, offering to serve as host or even volunteering to allow your company to host a pre or post meeting for key constituents involved in the event will get you involved in a huge way. Use large volume events to your advantage.

Invest In Beneficial Events

When your budget does allow for you to share the wealth to market to your demographic, make the most of your big branding opportunity by being a specialty sponsor for an event. Choose wisely when you’re planning your dollars and be sure that they stretch far. Instead of writing out a big check that doesn’t put in any work, ask in what ways can your company be marketed including getting face time to greet attendees, air time being a part of the event’s media campaign and shelf life by being involved in the happenings of the event online and in year-round planning.

Network Your Tail Off

When the light is set to green, go forth and prosper meeting as many people as you can no matter if they will be ideal clients or partners or not. Especially when you live in a small town will you see that the benefits of networking can overlap into many areas of your life. You’ll be amazed at how a simple conversation about what someone’s drinking can lead to learning that they will be traveling to the same city to attend the same social event as you. This is the perfect lead in to discuss other opportunities to get together in the future for business or pleasure.


Crystal Green is the CEO of Your SocialButterfly, a boutique event, marketing and concierge services firm. YSB consults with clients on event marketing as well as event production to match them with the perfect opportunity to get their name and brand into the public eye through events. YSB will be hosting a business development series: The Butterfly’s Business Boot Camps Workshop Series in October 2010. The workshops will present useful information and strategies on everything from business etiquette to how to catapult yourself as a local celebrity in the community. For more information on the workshops or Your SocialButterfly, visit www.ysocialbutterfly.com or e-mail info@ysocialbutterfly.com to find out why events are their life.