Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Getting Out of Your Own Way

Deanna Mims, Owner



So the way I figure it, one of your chief responsibilities in life is getting to know yourself really well, clean up your garbage as best you can and clear the way to grow into your potential to build yourself and contribute to the world around you.

I’m very clear that some beliefs are so deeply lodged in our minds that they become blind spots, and block our taking those chances – stepping out of our comfort zones - going for those STRETCH goals – that help us expand into our best selves.

But simply put - what you think and believe will affect the way you behave and perform, and how you will therefore shape and live your life.

Consider the RAS (Reticular Activating System)?

In biological psychology, RAS is defined as a cluster of brain cells that act like a radar system activated by our beliefs or goals. The RAS filters in information that is consistent with what we believe, and filters out anything that does not support our thoughts. Our findings are backed up by self-talk such as ‘I knew that was going to happen,’ ‘That always happens to me.’ And ‘I’m no good at doing that sort of thing.

Together, our RAS and self-talk form a comfort zone that represents the limits of our ability, based on our beliefs.  And once we have formed a belief, we will continue to live our lives by the rule of the belief. We continue to find ‘evidence’ to support the belief.

For example, you may think yourself to be less talented or capable than others. You may think that others are superior to you in some way.

You may have fallen into the common trap of selling yourself short and settling for far less than you are truly capable of.

These self-limiting beliefs act like brakes on your potential. They hold you back. They generate the two greatest enemies of personal success - doubt and fear.

They paralyze you and cause you to hesitate to take the intelligent risks that are necessary for you to fulfill your true potential.

Despite what your sister-in-law tells you, no one is better than you are and no one is really more capable than you are.

If someone else appears to be “doing it better” they have simply developed their natural talents and abilities more than you have, and maybe have cleared away some limiting beliefs. And anything anyone else has done, within reason, you can probably do as well.

The real question for you today is: Who are you reaching out to – what are you reading – who are you hanging around with – how are you cleaning out the garbage and getting to know yourself really well – to help you overcome your limiting beliefs and grow into your fabulous potential?