Sunflowers & Daisies

By: Laura L. Reeves

Common Sense Practice, LLC 

“Take time to smell the flowers….”  How many times have you heard someone throw that platitude at you?  What the heck are they talking about?!  I don’t have time to take a bathroom break let alone lay around smelling flowers like Ferdinand the Bull!

So how do we find time to smell the flowers, i.e., take time to reflect, meditate, ponder, etc.?  I think we can learn from two very different flowers:  the sunflower and the daisy.

The sunflower is blessed with a bright and happy face and is associated with loyalty, adoration, joy and abundance. You may have heard that sunflowers ‘track the sun’ by following the sun’s march across the sky with their faces.  That’s partially true.  Young sunflowers will do this and once mature, a sunflower will continually face the east where the sun rises.

So, rather than constantly following this trend or that, as I have matured as an entrepreneur, I have learned to focus on consistently rethinking and renewing my brand; what makes me unique. Ensuring loyalty to my brand means working with joy and abandon. In other words, I keep it fresh by constantly doing the same thing with an interesting twist or unexpected angle. I can realize abundance under limited circumstances when I keep in mind why I am an entrepreneur: to share my vision with the world.

Daisies are a perky flower and some daisies are used in herbal teas to treat everything from bruises and eye problems to warts!  The daisy is associated with innocence, simplicity, sympathy and cheerfulness.

Daises grow wild on every continent and they have been written about by Shakespeare, Dickens, Wordsworth and more.  On his deathbed, the poet John Keats said he could already feel the daises growing on his grave, hence the expression ‘pushing up daises’!

When I’m bruised and overwhelmed with the burden of endless tasks, being still to hear my inner joy and expressing it with simplicity and clarity is a calming practice.  You’ve all met those relentlessly cheerful folks that drive you mad, right?  Maybe they are on to something. Maybe they realized that presenting an optimistic face to the world actually makes them feel more powerful, more focused, happier? Simplicity is always about focus, not lack.  Concentrating on what makes you happy got you into the entrepreneurial world after all.

So what have we learned today?  That Ferdinand the Bull was right. Rather than fight the matadors and snort at the spectators, plop down in the middle of the bull pen and start smelling the flowers. It will frustrate the heck out of them and make you feel well, happy!