Dandi's Award Program

The Dandi Awards spotlights the great accomplishments of local entrepreneurs, as well as our community leaders and supporters. e2eConnect hosts The Dandi’s annually in celebration of the spirit of entrepreneurship at the amazing Hotel Duval Horizon Ballroom on North Monroe Street in Tallahassee, Florida

Entrepreneurs are nominated to different categories --check out e2e Connect’s descriptions of the different types of entrepreneurs! Nominees select the category they identify with most in the the Dandi application, tell us how they gave back to the community and why such activities best represent their category choice.

The nominations are judged and it all comes together at the Dandi's ceremony. The Dandi's is an evening of recognition, creative entertainment, signature cocktails and networking opportunities with collaborators and supporters. Come on, take ONE night off and find out how we appreciate the local business community!

Dandis award categories

Eight hand-crafted Dandi Awards were created and    
produced by the Master Craftsman Studio program     
   located at the The Florida State University.