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News and Information


For Immediate Release

Contact: Deanna A. Mims                                               

Tel: 850-425-5240

Email: dmims@marketdone.com

Website: www.e2econnect.org


It's Here! e2e Connect's First Workshop of 2012!

You will definitely want to participate in e2e Connect's inaugural workshop:  From Dreams to Reality 2012.  Join us for meaty content, interactive discussion and a chance to connect with other entrepreneurs.  Register at the link below:



Entrepreneurs Can Change The World


The Dandis Go International!

Read about Donna Smithey, winner of the Serial Entrepreneur award, in the American Rental Association newsletter that has international circulation.


Entrepreneurs Honored at Inaugural Dandi Awards


By Elizabeth M. Mack
Democrat staff writer

As she scanned the packed ballroom at Hotel Duval, Elizabeth Barbour said the spirit of entrepreneurship was alive and well in Tallahassee.

News and Information

e2eConnect members have accumulated a wealth of knowledge about business. From trial-and-error, blood, sweat and tears, research, long hours and hard work – not to mention interacting from those ahead of us in our business progress – so many lessons have been learned.  Because we are information gatherers and love sharing interesting facts about business development, marketing, speaking and more, you’ll find the best of the material we come across aggregated the under News and Information tab.