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News and Information

Ubiquity: The New Marketing Ploy?

Ubiquity, of course, is a major marketing goal. You want to be top of mind for your customers, so they're calling you (not your competitors) when they need a lawyer, a website redesign, or more widgets. But how do you pull it off without sleeping in your office and surgically implanting your Blackberry? Here are four strategies to consider:

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Advice Straight Up Presents....

KCCI Seeking Catalysts for Change

Wanted: 30 volunteers who have good ideas for ways to improve life in Tallahassee.

The Knight Creative Communities Institute is seeking new "community catalysts" who will work with local leaders and advocates to develop projects aimed at diversifying Tallahassee's economy beyond government and higher education. Applications will be accepted until Aug. 8.

Be Sure to Thank Your Customers

Jerry Osteryoung
Helping Small Business

Showing your customers you appreciate them goes a long way to instilling loyalty, yet so few businesses make this extra effort.

Just look at it from the customer's perspective. If all you ever see or hear from a company is a bill, you the client are not going to feel a particularly strong sense of endearment to that firm.

EDC Offers Financial Portal for Growing Businesses

By Beth Kirkland
Economic development
Published: June 19. 2011 2:00 AM

Local financial institutions play a key role in the success of a thriving business community as they provide the resources necessary for...

Local financial institutions play a key role in the success of a thriving business community as they provide the resources necessary for companies tough period. In Tallahassee, our banks, credit unions and investment firms understand the local business climate — meeting financial and business-growth needs every day.

Develop a Sound Decision Making Process

By Jerry Osteryoung

There is no question that the ability to make good decisions is at the heart of a successful business. For entrepreneurs, especially those with small businesses, the cost of making mistakes can be extremely high.

Dandi Awards in Tallahassee Chamber News


The first ever Dandi Awards – a not-your-daddy’s award ceremony, spotlighting outstanding local entrepreneurs, as well as our community leaders and supporters in celebration of the spirit of entrepreneurship a – will take place on Thursday October 6 at 6:30 pm at Hotel Duval’s Horizon Ballroom.

FSU Bootcamp aids Entreprenurial Veterans

 By Kate Schofield • Democrat staff writer • Published: June 13. 2011 2:00AM

 Jose Rene Martinez was deployed to Iraq in February 2003. That April, while driving a Humvee, the vehicle's front left tire struck a land mine.

Martinez suffered severe burns to more than 40 percent of his body.

Wendy Halleck: Come Help Celebrate and Support Local Businesses

I start many of my days at the Black Dog Cafe on Lake Ella. The coffee is superb, and the smell of the freshly baked croissants tempts me every time.

News and Information

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