Small business killer

The Florida Legislature has finally demonstrated what it thinks about small business.  Free markets for small business? No.  Encourage small business development? Certainly not.  Less government? Yes, smaller and more powerful committees that will not necessarily act in the best interest of their constituents.

These circumstances are embodied in the recent renewable energy bill that recently passed the house. The energy consumed in Florida is generated by several investor-owned companies. These companies already function as monopolies. They have complete control over the grid essentially choking off any competition. The renewable energy bill will cement their control over how our energy is generated, cost and who gets to participate.

As noted in a recent article Michael Dobson, other states have sparked clean energy development by offering incentives and encouraging small businesses. That is the right thing to do in Florida as well.

A majority of employment in this country comes from small businesses. Small businesses are more innovative. In the process of introducing new products or services small businesses introduce competition. That folks, drives down costs. Finally, the idea of open markets is at the core of the American Dream. The renewable energy bill essentially regulates the energy market in favor of several large monopolies. That ain't the American way, it's the American nightmare.

The recent announcement that the power companies will reduce rates next year is a simple ploy. A bit of sugar to help consumers swallow a very bitter pill. Once the power companies start to develop renewable energy, the legislation includes language that allows the power companies to pass development costs on to consumers whether their efforts succeed or fail. No risk for them because it's all on our dime. Nice work if you can get it.

If Rick Scott wants to generate jobs in Florida, this legislation gets us started on the wrong foot in the wrong direction.

Write your Florida representative or send a note to Mike Haridopolis. Let's keep that American dream, built on open markets, small business development and encourage Americans to do what they do best -- innovate. It's the American way.