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Weekly Puff

All Sunshine and No Rain

By Laura L. Reeves, CCP

Founder & CEO, Common Sense Practice, LLC

All sunshine and no rain only make a desert.  We need the juxtapositions of life in order to appreciate each aspect of them. 

The Dandi Awards!

The 2011 Dandi Awards is a new recognition ceremony to hit the business community of Tallahassee.

Put on by the company of E2E connect (entrepreneur 2 entrepreneur, Connect, Learn Share) the Dandi Awards are here to spotlight the many small businesses in Tallahassee, as well as entrepreneurs that are in start-up phase.

The Day I Unplugged...

By Laura L. Reeves, CCP

Founder & CEO

Common Sense Practice, LLC


Some Education About Non-profit Associations


As one of the criteria for the 2011 Dandi Award winners – an awards ceremony presented by e2e Connect, Learn, Share (www.e2econnect.org) is giving back to our community, I thought it would be valuable to share with you some information on non-profits that may change the way you look at our local associations. Can you believe there are approximately 1300 associations in Tallahassee?

Why should you care? Let’s look at how non-profits benefit society:

Sunflowers & Daisies

By: Laura L. Reeves

Common Sense Practice, LLC 

The King's Speech


Laura L. Reeves,

Founder & CEO

Common Sense Practice, LLC

All the Clients You Need?

Or, Some Basic Reminders of How to Attract More Customers.

Deanna Mims, Owner



Overcoming Limiting Beliefs and Getting Out of Your Own Way

Deanna Mims, Owner



Deadlines: The Siren Call

By: Laura L. Reeves, CCP

Founder & CEO of Common Sense Practice, LLC 

I love deadlines! They make me tingle in anticipation! Ok, for real now—I dread deadlines as much as the next gal but only in certain circumstances. 

Let’s examine that.  If someone arbitrarily sets a due date for you without your input, how do you feel?  Put upon? Frustrated? Unappreciated? All of the above? 

About the Weekly Puff

The Weekly Puff tab will feature blog posts from board members, collaborators and supporters reflecting our life lessons, research findings and rants about entrepreneurship. 

If you are interested in learning about a specific topic, or want to add your own submission to News and Information or The Weekly Puff, please email us