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Weekly Puff

Is It Too Late to Change My, or Your Direction?

This is such a time of change with addition and subtractions and keeping it between the lines and veering wildly off the road to avoid a big pothole (and falling in potholes I don’t see coming) and putting new tires on the car, (while saving the best of the four as backups) – that I feel compelled to comment on it, as sort of a relief valve but also as the first volley in a bonding exercise.

Tallahassee ranked as 5th best real estate market in US and top 100 to do business

Who would have thought that Tallahassee could go from being named the pot-smoking capital of the US to one of the best places in the country to do business? Yes, it is true -- and not for the reasons that the previous outlandish award might suggest.

An article posted in the Democrat identified several independent surveys that named Tallahassee as a great place to live, invest and work.

Opportunity – Do You Hear It Calling?

By Laura L. Reeves, CCP

Founder & CEO of Common Sense Practice, LLC

Qualifying Your Clients For a Happier Business

By Deanna Mims, Owner
I’m speaking from experience in my business MarketDone.  As a service provider, it is important to qualify your clients to avoid wasting time and money, and to build the kind of business you envisioned.
When you first meet – perhaps over a free consultation – the questions you should ask your potential client to determine if they are your next perfect client include:
  1. What exactly do they offer?
  2. What the tangible and intrinsic benefits are?

Ready to Start Your Own Business?

As seen in the ‘Business & Career’ section of the August/September 2010 issue of Tallahassee Woman magazine.

Are you a smart cookie? Do you feel as if you’ve paid your dues and want to break out into business for yourself?

Hiring a Consultant

From the Business Owners POV…

The Niche or the Mass Market?

Have you heard enough about finding your niche business?  Check out the article below about the Wonderful World of Niches...


National Small Business week

I love living the United States for one reason above all others --  our appreciation for small businesses. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy thing to do well that is for sure. At the same time, the effort spent in developing a small business offers financial and spiritual rewards that are second to none.  The readers may already be aware that most of the jobs in this country are created by small businesses. Every year the federal government recognizes small business owners  for the American Dream alive!!

Small business week is coming in May, learn more by visiting the National Small Business Week Web site. Get involved! Reach out to your senators to continue their support for tax incentives, education, grants and resources for small businesses!!

Small business killer

The Florida Legislature has finally demonstrated what it thinks about small business.  Free markets for small business? No.  Encourage small business development? Certainly not.  Less government? Yes, smaller and more powerful committees that will not necessarily act in the best interest of their constituents.

What's your E?

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What we want to know is: What is your E?  What gets you excited about your work?  Let us know if your E is one of the following (or something completely different).





Entrepreneurial style


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